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Tuesday, 24 July 2012
Marc Chopinsky

We will be welcoming Marc Chopinsky for a special coffeehouse at Beit Simcha, on July 28th starting at 7pm.

Marc began his career with the singing group Israel's Hope, which also launched the career of renowned worship leader and solo artist Paul Wilbur and also jazz instrumentalist Rene Bloch. Marc's musical experience has expanded over the years to worship leader, music producer, studio musician and solo artist.

As a composer, Marc's songs have been recorded by many artists, and are standard repertoire in Messianic congregations as well as churches who see the rebirth of Israel to be of prophetic significance. As an instrumentalist, his signature guitar rhythms are heard on many internationally acclaimed albums.

His first solo project, Israel's Hope, (also known as Yes and Amen in Israel) has fourteen new powerful messianic tracks, which will bring the listener back to ancient times, to worship and praise the Holy One of Israel.

Marc and his wife Leah now reside in Haifa, Israel. He is the Worship leader at Ohalei Rachamim (Tents of Mercy) Messianic Synagogue in Kiryat Yam, Israel. He has helped to raise up a new generation of Israeli Messianic musicians, including his own son Eli Ben Moshe, who was a featured musician at the recent Tikkun conference.

We look forward to both the music and the man -- whom Rabbi and Rebbitzin Blank got to know while on sabbatical in Israel in 1999. Y'all come for fine music and refreshments -- and invite a friend!

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