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Friday, 22 June 2018
Eagles Wings and the Tabernacle

This weekend Dan and Patty Juster travel to New York, because they will be ministerng at Eagles Wings on Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday Dan will be speaking at the three services of The Tabernacle - a busy day! The early morning traditional service is 8-9am, the comtemporary service is a bit later, 10am-12pm and then there is a "breakthrough" service 7-9pm in the evening.

The Tabernacle is an Apostolic Center. As a House of Prayer, Our Mission is to Partner with Holy Spirit to Raise up Disciples who are Activating Kingdom Culture Locally, Nationally and Globally. We are together working toward the establishment of a full five-fold Apostolic ministry team to lead the Tabernacle in the next generation.

This mega church was established in the 1930s and the Bishop/Senior Leader is Dr Robert Stearns, who also founded Eagles Wings ...

Eagles' Wings began to progressively unfold in the early 1990’s, when Robert Stearns first lived in Jerusalem. He began contemplating the connection between his own Christian faith and historic Judaism, and the relevance of that connection to current times and events. Seeing faith issues in a fresh way caused Robert to desire greater spiritual authenticity in his own life, and the Christian church as a whole.

Please pray for good connections and unity as Dan and Patty minister and share! You can read more about the ministries here and here.

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