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Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Our Time in the States Part One

The return to the United States and our 2 months of travel were amazing. Patty and I often find ourselves quite astonished at the arrangements of the Lord. Here is a list of the involvements of work and then vacation times which were very short.

1. We began our itinerary with Asher Intrater at the Kansas City, International House of Prayer. We had wonderful times of discussion joint strategy with the primary IHOP Team and those connected to the Israel Mandate. We believe this very fruitful bond has been deepened and that our friendship with IHOP has and will produce real fruit.

2. The meeting of the America Apostolic Team fulfilled our bi-annual responsibility of planning and oversight. This led to our annual leadership conference and general conference. The emphasis on this was on evangelism and the empowerment for evangelism. We had good worship and good mutual ministry with an expanding congregational leadership membership. The weekend was also a very special time. With Sid Roth and Ron Cantor providing practical illustrations, we believe that faith was encouraged.

3. We next visited IHOP Eastern Gate, in Cranfield, New Jersey. The leader of this important ministry, Gary Depasquale, is committed to an ongoing relationship. Our time of speaking to the Sunday Congregation was well received and we think as well that this will be a lasting connection.

Come back tomorrow to read some more ...

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