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Friday, 24 May 2019
Special speakers this Shabbat

A number of our congregations have special speakers and events this Shabbat - so look the directions up now and join in the teaching and fellowship!

Ahavat Yeshua, Washington DC

Dan and Patty Juster have been ministering here for a few days and will be teaching during the morning service, so this is a very special time.

Tikvat Israel, Richmond VA

Guest speaker Wayne Blankenship is joining them this weekend, so don't miss out on this!

Shoresh David, Monroeville PA

They invite you to join them in welcoming special guest Matthew Smoler and then for a communal oneg to follow.

Or Chaim, Golden CO

They are excited about their monthly Communal Havdallah gathering at 5:30pm in the evening, which is always a time of fellowship and relaxation.

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