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Monday, 10 February 2020
How we view the Talmud

Carl Kinbar tells us that most Messianic Jews have never seen a page of Talmud ...

Despite this lack of firsthand knowledge, they are generally wary of the Talmud, or even antagonistic toward it. A small minority have a more positive stance toward the Talmud as a source of Jewish norms that they consider to be essential Jewish, and therefore Messianic Jewish, identity. (Chapter 5, page 73)

What is your personal standpoint on this one? Is the Talmud unknown and perhaps a bit threatening? Or are you familiar with it and how it can impact our faith?

Do you think Messianic Judaism is right to largely ignore the writings of the Talmud? Or do you think our faith and practice could be richer for engaging constructively with it?

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