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Thursday, 20 December 2018
The pick of

Here are a few recents articles from the website that we thought you would like to read!

The Seven-Fold Ministry?!

Asher Intrater looks at how the expression "five-fold ministry" developed from the historical context and whether this should really be "seven fold"!

Honoring the Son

Dan Juster looks at the pressure we face to make little of our faith in Yeshua, to not give Him full honour in order to fit in better with society - and why it is crucial that we reverse this tendency.

The Israeli Grocery Store Experience

Ron Cantor shares some humourous encounters he has had or witnessed when shopping in Israel!

Giving - A Highly Effective Ministry

Asher Intrater encourages us to take a fresh look at giving - of our money, time and resources - and whether we do it with the right attitiude and if we do it enough.

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