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Sunday, 6 January 2019
All about Him

Luke 9:1-6 speaks of Yeshua sending out the twelve disciples. We read that He sent them out equipped with power and authority over demons and to cure diseases. They were

to proclaim the kingdom of God and heal the sick. The instructions followed, take nothing with you and wherever you are not welcomed, leave shaking the dust off your feet and continue to the next place.

Simply put, this is what we should be doing even today. This should be our focus and His Peace should be with us wherever we go. If this is the case, wherever we are received change and healing should be present.

On the other hand, in those situations where we are not received; we should remain in peace. This can in many ways be a test of where our focus is and the purpose of our


Further on in Luke 10:1, Yeshua sends out seventy-two others two by two. I see this as a way of protecting not only those whom are sent but also to help how people see them. We must always remember that we are representatives of Yeshua and the Kingdom of God. That this is not our's but His and we should be projecting Him and representing

who He is and why He was and is and is to come. It's really all about Him.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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