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Sunday, 22 September 2019
Teaching and reports from the Land

Here are some of the latest articles, containing teaching and testimonies, from the Tikkun Global leaders in the Land - do take a moment to read them!

Prophetic Dream: To Whom Are You Accountable? by Ron Cantor

Elders are God's plan to govern the congregation. You might notice that I highlighted two words: govern and team. I love those words. They protect me as a leader, and they protect you as the body.

Youth in Search of Identity by Eitan Shishkoff

Identity. We all want to know who we are. But during the teen years the quest is both intensified and, at times, desperate - even excruciating. These kids are faced with a tsunami of alternative identities. And all but one of them lead to a dead end - even literally.

Our Cultural Decline by Dan Juster

The meaning of life is in relationships. This indeed was a biblical emphasis. What would they think of our fleeting relationships today in the texting and Internet culture? The most important thing is intimate relationships, beginning with our relationship with God.

GRIEF: What to do with it? by Eitan Shishkoff

Our brother, our sister, our friend, our colleague, is no longer with us - gone ... Grief emphasizes the preciousness of every person, every day, every opportunity to love and bless. It emphasizes the imperative of forgiving each other quickly. It emphasizes the pricelessness of family.

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