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Friday, 27 March 2020
Offering of firstfruits

"If you bring a grain offering of firstfruits to ADONAI, you are to bring as the grain offering from your firstfruits kernels of grain from fresh ears, dry-roasted with fire." (Vayikra 2:14, CJB)

We have started the book of Vayikra, which has the reputation for being a dry, chewy tome as we wade our way through the entrails and ashes of the offerings. Maybe we skim read these chapters and miss verses. For instance, do you notice this verse?

Seeking atonement for sins is important, but it's not the whole story! The sacrificial system includes an "offering of first fruits". During the current global situation, when it can be easy to be pulled down with all the news of death, fear and restrictions, it can be easy to forget that there is more to life - and more to our relationship with the L-rd.

What can you do today to offer to the L-rd an offering of firstfruits? Do you need to intentionally put aside some time this Shabbat to offer a sacrifice of praise?

"Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name." (Hebrews 13:15, NASB)

Posted By Tabitha Allen, 11:00am Comment Comments: 0