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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Next week is the Tikkun Amderica Annual Restore Conference. It's a little different to what any of us had been expecting, but pandemic restrictions have not been able to cancel this important event! It is taking place via Facebook and Zoom, so wherever you are you can still take part.

Leadership Conference

Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th is the Leadership conference. The Annual Business Meeting takes place on Wednesday morning, with daily teaching happening on Wedenesday and Thursday afternoons and Friday morning.

Please pray for annointing for the speakers, worship leaders and session hosts. This is a new medium for the leadership time to take place over, so please pray for unity and fellowship over a distance.

Restore Shabbat Conference

The Shabbat conference is open to all on Facebook. On the evening of Friday 29th the first event has Dan Juster and Asher Intrater as the speakers. On Shabbat afternoon and early evening there are a series of workshops to choose from, ranging from prophetic ministry and evangelism to worship and dance. On Saturday evening is the second event with a 40th Tikkun America Anniversery panel and Don Finto giving closing teaching.

Please pray for annointing for all the worship leaders, workshop facilitators and speakers. There are going to be a lot of folks watching and attending these services, so please pray for the technology to work and for us all to come together - albeit at a distance - for this time. If you want to register for the leadership conference or the workshops, please comment below and we'll be in touch. See you next week at #Restore20!

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