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Wednesday, 1 July 2020
Conference Recordings

Wow - it has been five weeks now since the Tikkun America #Restore20 Conference. Given the circumstances - although less people were involved - perhaps it has been our most successful conference to date, with more content, more active participation and a wider vision of Tikkun America's role and vision for the next twelve months. We certainly had a wider geographic range of people attending the various sessions as the Zoom technology removed the barriers of travel and accomodation costs.

During the conference, we promised that we would make recordings of the various sessions available. This is now done and although the technology didn't always do everything we expected, lots of hours of excellent material are now available for you to watch and listen. We'll be posting more blog posts and lots of tweets over the next few days to let everyone know where and how to access the recordings, but to start with, here's the URL to the Friday night opening session of the main conference:

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